It's Wine Time

Dear friend,

This time my trip alert will point into another „direction“ so to say. Travel is just a necessity to go, do and practice my other passion which is clearly in focus and therefore has priority for the last year, which was the reason I could not go on the 2nd part of the TransAmerica trip with my friends.

So I am very exited to attend the next block session of my WSET Level 4 and Weinakademiker Diploma program which is being held in Florence with great trips to various Italian wine regions. Check out my wine stories here.

Meanwhile stay curious and healthy — plus drop me a comment if you like.

Lots of ❤️, Albert

Hi, I'm Albert

I’m sportive, active, and a passionate photographer & drone pilot.

I’m a houseman, a father of two teenage sons, an entrepreneur, and a frequent traveller soul.

As a seasoned professional with extensive international experience, I have personally been in over 200 countries and territories (UN 174 of 193) while conducted business in dozens of them.

I love food & wine, challenging WSET Advanced Level 4 to become Weinakademiker in order to reach expert-level qualification covering all aspects of wine.

While✨treasuring the good sides of life, I enjoy life as it is. Are you curious about my next adventure?


What would life be without wine, hard to imagine. Sharing a good bottle of wine with loved ones and friends just can’t be underestimated. Every single bottle of wine has its own story.

Driving Tuscany’s country roads in Montalcino close by the famous Castello Banfi estate 🇮🇹


200+ Countries and Territories

Travel is one of my passions, whether for pleasure or business. So far I was fortunate enough having been to over 200 countries and territories (UN 171/193) over the last 4 decades and still am hungry as ever to explore more of our planet — and to share unforgettable moments with you.

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Laas Geel – Somaliland


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I clearly understand the differences in culture when it comes to doing business, and in dealing with the diversity of the people involved.

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It all started with curiosity getting to understand regions of the world much better, be it out of private choice or business needs. All of the crew have been travelling extensively.

It takes the combination of character, passion and ability to form a strong team that has the ability to operate united even in the toughest situations and when everything seems to go wrong.