«Hi, I’m Albert. I’m sportive, active, love food & wine (WSET Advanced Level 3), passionate photographer, drone pilot, frequent traveller, enjoy life as it is. I’m a houseman, father of two teenage sons and entrepreneur.»


Travel is one of my passions, whether for pleasure or business.

So far I was fortunate enough having been to 206 countries and territories over the last 4 decades and still am hungry as ever to explore more of this planet.

More adventures have just been completed – the last one just days before the Covid-19 lockdown  😶😷

Yemen & Eritrea in March. Footage online now! Check it out 👆

Central Asia, including most likely the Pamir Highway was in the planing for May 2020 and did not happen for obvious reasons.

However I am very happy to show the footage from my first trip after the lockdown which brought me to an empty Venice, what an experience. 👉 https://alficionado.ch/venice/

Complete gear for a 5 week trip

Latest drone experiments

For full 360° aerial and timelapse experience tune into my YouTube channel.

360° tiny planet

Wine tastings

What would life be without wine, hard to imagine. Sharing a good bottle of wine with loved ones and friends just can’t be underestimated.

Every single bottle of wine has its own story. Let’s discover all of them — on Insta.

Food pairings

On Insta. Where else?