AFEX-Lonrho: Turnaround Management in Sub-saharan Africa

June 18th, 2019

Turnaround management in adverse environment

Chartered to an adverse region (Kenya and South Sudan) with the goal to bring more light into a money loosing company in ‚Remote Facility Management‘. The goal was to gain a comprehensive understanding what the strategic options for the future were. Resulting tasks included:

  • Strategy definition, implementation and review including execution tracking
  • Project and service portfolio optimisation resulting in sale or close of business lines
  • Value chain review lead into better understanding of cost and revenue drivers
  • Introduction of line item costing / determination of costing per single service


Key differentiators:

  • Proficient experience in situation analysis, strategy definition and on site execution
  • Short term availability to travel and work in critical country and region (civil war and fragil overall security situation)
  • Ability to focus on the project over 2 years with frequent onsite stays in a part time framework
  • No full time senior staff required