Israel 🇮🇱 / Palestine 🇵🇸

Transafrica 2018 | Bethlehem | Jericho | dead sea | vibrant city Tel Aviv

Transafrica 2018 STOP 2 April 30, 2018 Baku – Tel Aviv Flight distance: 1085 nmHours in the air: 4.55 Vibrant city Tel Aviv and the Holy Land An uneventful flight, yet with some detour around Syria brought us into Ben Gurion Airport, and with that definitely hot summer weather in the 30ies. After as short […]

Yemen 🇮🇶

Alficionado ✨ treasuring the good sides of life March 3rd, 2020 A journey to Yemen is not the usual and everyday leisure trip. We were able to enter the country through it’s Northern border from Oman. This part is seeing daily life without civil war since it’s being supported and protected by the UAE which […]