Tanzania 🇹🇿

Serengeti National Park, Matawi Serengeti Camp, Zebra, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Hypo, Buffalo, Crocodile, Flamingo, Gnu, Giraffe, Antelope, Dik-Dik, Turtle, Aerial Views

Alficionado ♡ treasuring the good sides of life February 3rd, 2021 The land of beauty and tranquility Our journey took us along the famous northern circuit starting in Arusha. We first headed towards Lake Manyara and Taragire N.P. Followed by the Ndutu Area in the southwestern part of the Serengeti before entering the National Park. […]

Egypt 🇪🇬

Alficionado ♡ treasuring the good sides of life January 7th, 2021 The joy was immense to finish a tough travel year with a jewel. A ‘Jewel of the Nile’ one could say. Luxor And it turned out to be one. Starting with staying at the fabulous Winter Palace (an iconic building from the Belle-Epoque Era) […]