I have been a techie since my early childhood. As of today I am intrigued what modern technology does to augment how we live our lifes and enjoy to experience and capture its plentiful sides.

As a kid, I used to work in an electronic store and learned the basics early on, including constructing my own light machine with tons of flashing lights, then brand new and trendy LED’s and light machines. With that came the love for music and all the gear around it. As I have always been an early adopter I was one of the first to own a CD-player in 1984.

So my interest widened and I moved into photography including my own developing studio in b/w and color, also making large prints of slides, THE highest quality medium at the time. As a budget buyer at the time I started my photography gear within the K-mount universe owning Pentax cameras until the 80ies. When a good part of my photo gear got stolen I switched to Nikon and have stayed with them since, of course transitioning to digital and finally into the new Nikon Z-universe.

When drones appeared I stayed on the sideline since I thought they were toys with unacceptable photographic quality until I puchached my first Phantom in 2015. I took until DJI came out with the one inch censor on the Mavic 2 Pro that I believe the quality is on a very good level.

On the action camera side I have owned a GoPro for many years, yet used it seldom, again lacking quality even though one can catch some good and dynamic footage. And also in this space I find that quality has reached another level with the Insta360 ONE using a similar one inch sensor like the Mavic 2 Pro and sporting a super versatile modular concept.

Current Setup

360Β° Tiny Planet