What would life be without wine, hard to imagine. Sharing a good bottle of wine with loved ones and friends just can’t be underestimated. Every single bottle of wine has its on story to tell. Let’s discover them all!

Wine has been with me for over 40 years. It started on Sundays when at age 10 my father let me have ONE! glass for lunch.

Not a lot changed for the first ten years but I continued to like to drink it with food at my parents house since I could not afford it myself. This all changed when I started my first real job after university and “invested” part of my first bonus into a case of Bordeaux in 1990.

From then on my interest and passion grew and by the early 1990ies my friends made me take them in a small bus to Burgundy with me in the front on the microphone!

I started to build a decent wine cellar with over 5000 bottles at peak in the mid 2000s. Even though I have moved to a much bigger wine cellar in the mean time, overall stock has come down in order to avoid “dead bottles” and besides the real collectibles, have stock churning at a healthy rate.

To this day I have not had anything to do in the wine business in any form even though many people continue to ask why not. What I have been doing tough was to study wine and passed WSET Level 3 in 2013. And this year stated the journey with Level 4 and to become Weinakademiker hopeful sometime next year. Wish me luck and “join” me on the way there.

Driving Tuscany’s country roads in Montalcino close by the famous Castello Banfi estate 🇮🇹