Transpacific 2016 STOP 4

June 10, 2016

Flight distance: 1352 nm
Hours in the air: 3.30

Good timing was with us when we left for the short “ride” over to Vanuatu. This subtropical island has a different groove with an interesting mixture of French/English culture and language. A short tour around town in the later afternoon gave a good first impression of an island being more “touristy” than expected.

Today Thomas pronounced activity day. So in the morning we went jet skiing and quad-wheeling in the afternoon. Result: Tom suffered engine failure over open water, got stuck in the mud and Albert got accused for damaging the jetski. Yet we had our fun on the day off.

Facts & figures

The archipelago that today constitutes the Republic of Vanuatu is of volcanic origin.

Contracts like tropical fish- and coral-filled blue holes as well as active volcanos, perfect beaches and an interesting mix of Melanesian history with British/French influence mark this new country. The independent Republic of Vanuatu was established in 1980 followed by decades of uncertainty and changing powers.

In the 18th century, both the British and the French claimed interest for the islands and in 1906 Called the British-French Condominium, it was a unique form of government. With and after WWII came American influence and rise of nationalism that resulted in independence in 1980.