Transafrica 2018

Alficionado ✨ treasuring the good sides of life It was an epic journey discovering Central and West Africa by private plane. We are glad to share our impressions from over five weeks visiting the “off the beaten track” places in Africa in order to complete our ongoing collection of countries. 0 Countries 23 Adventurers 3 […]

Palau 🇵🇼

Transpacific 2016, Babelthuap island, Palau, Photo by Alficionado

Transpacific 2016 STOP 16 June 30, 2016 Flight distance: 1482 nmHours in the air: 3.10 After some difficulties with airspace control we made it to Palau before lunch. We had a fantastic view over the island during our approach. Everything here looks neat and it seems that we have finally reached a destination that does […]

Guam 🇬🇺

Transpacific 2016, Hagåtña, Guam International Airport, Guam, Photo by Alficionado

Transpacific 2016 STOP 15 June 28, 2016 Flight distance: 296 nmHours in the air: 0.50 lI was a short ride over to Guam. Now being on US Territory handling was very professional and fast so we were at our hotel already before lunch.Besides being home to Andersen Air Force Base, one of the largest US […]

Northern Mariana Islands 🇲🇵

Transpacific 2016, Saipan Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Photo by Alficionado

Saipan is the second largest (after American dominated Guam) of the Mariana Islands with Tinian lying to the North. Archaeological remains date back to 2’000 B.C. when the people of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands were of one culture. The Spanish were the first European to sight the islands in 1668 and loosely controlled them until the […]

Pohnpei Islands (FSM) 🇫🇲

Transpacific 2016, Pohnpei Island, Micronesia, Photo by Alficionado

Transpacific 2016 STOP 13 June 23, 2016 Flight distance: 1574 nmHours in the air: 3.20 Leaving the Marshalls was easy (even though we left a day early) and favorable winds brought us to Pohnpei in just over three hours. What seemed to be an easy handling process turned out into an unresolved problem at this […]

Marshall Islands 🇲🇭

Transpacific 2016, Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands, Photo by Alficionado

Transpacific 2016 STOP 12 June 22, 2016 Flight distance: 1028 nm Hours in the air: 2.45 For the first time we were greeted by not so nice weather, in the morning that is. We decided to rent a car (some would call it a wreck) and drive up and down the slim island. Places of […]

Nauru 🇳🇷

Transpacific 2016, Yaren District, Nauru, Photo by Alficionado

Transpacific 2016 STOP 11 June 21, 2016 Flight distance: 420 nm Hours in the air: 2.10 A short hop and flying time of under two hours brought us to the tiny island and nation of Nauru. The entire landmass is just over 20 square-kilometer and one can comfortable drive around in 20 minutes. Since both […]

Kiribati 🇰🇮

Transpacific 2016, Tarawa, Kiribati, Photo by Alficionado

Transpacific 2016 STOP 10 June 19, 2016 Flight distance: 1343 nmHours in the air: 3.20 Flying almost another 3 hours straight north (equivalent to Rome – London) we reached another wonderful lagoon. However, Kiribati has about ten times as many people and this is visible on ever corner here. Space is scarce and the area […]

Tuvalu 🇹🇻

Transpacific 2016, Funafuti, Tuvalu, Photo by Alficionado

Transpacific 2016 STOP 9 June 18, 2016 Flight distance: 1176 nmHours in the air: 3.10 After some heavy downpours over night we were lucky to get out of Apia in good weather. A good two hours of flying time later we were approaching Tuvalu, our first classic South Pacific lagoon. We were hoping for open […]

Samoa 🇼🇸

Transpacific 2016, Apia, Samoa, Photo by Alficionado

Transpacific 2016 STOP 8 June 17, 2016 Flight distance: 963 nm Hours in the air: 2.25 What a difference two hours of flying over the ocean make! Everything here is nice & neat, clean, organised and in good shape. The people are a joy and our hotel finally a place again one likes to stay […]